Breastfeeding and transpersonal values

An organic inquiry


  • Olga Ferreras Alef Trust and Liverpool John Moores University



breastfeeding, transformation, sustainability, transpersonal psychology, transpersonal values, archetypes, feminism


This inquiry explored the impact of breastfeeding on mothers’ transpersonal values. It acknowledged societal obstacles mothers’ experience when attempting to breastfeed and included 12 participants who had a breastfeeding experience that reflects the current recommendations by the World Health Organization (WHO), meaning six months of exclusive breastfeeding followed by a combination of breastfeeding and solid foods for at least two years. The study followed an Organic Inquiry design which allowed for the incorporation of elements of feminism and environmental responsibility. Participant stories were collected through semi-structured online interviews, and the data was analysed using thematic analysis. Participants felt that breastfeeding enhanced transpersonal qualities at a personal level and noticed that these gave rise to transformative action at a community level. Six themes were identified: Transpersonal self-concept, spiritual insights, interconnectedness, discernment, alignment with nature and transformative changes. All participants regarded breastfeeding as a transformative experience which contributed to a sense of alignment with the natural world. Participants insights suggest a congruence of transpersonal psychology’s current focus on social engagement and environmental protection and global breastfeeding support efforts carried out by the WHO.




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Ferreras, O. (2023). Breastfeeding and transpersonal values: An organic inquiry. Consciousness, Spirituality & Transpersonal Psychology, 4, 64–79.